Infomation Before The Install

The Product

Although we strive our best, but due to the nature of the product, some dust/dirt is present in every window film application. No Tint installation is prefect!! Any scratches, flaws and deposits will be more noticeable after windows are tinted.

Does a clean car matters?

YES! We highly recommend that your interior is CLEAN! A dirty vehicle yields dirty results! Remove child seats, pet hairs, any dead bugs and or debris laying around rear deck. (Click on Pic for more details)

Cleaning windows

After install we recommend Rubbing Alcohol and a soft, clean, lint free towel or sponge to clean and dry the windows. NOTHING else!!!

Keep windows up

After install, the tinted windows will need to remain up for (3) three days.

Hazy and Bubbles.

If it been several days and hasn't gone away. It can take 3-4 weeks for bubbles and moisture to completely dry out of film during that time film may appear hazy, lumpy or have water bubbles. Never try to fix any water bubbles after installation doing so may cause other issues.


ALL films will eventually have issues down the road! No film has a TRUE lifetime warranty, make sure you do research on products before installation! Be aware of ANY "Limited Lifetime Guarantees" because its solely up to the shop discretion!!!

But just to ease your worries, all of our films come with a "TRUE" Lifetime Warranty against adhesive failure, cracking, delamination, demetallization and change of color. All backed by us, as long as you follow our instructions and save your receipt.

Do windows needs to be functional

Yes! We need all windows and switches to be functional so film can be applied correctly!

Rain|Snow|Cold Weather

Tint is applied to the inside of the glass, so the weather has no effect on the quality of installation. However, the curing time may be extended in cold weather.

Rear Defrosters

Window tinting actually helps to insulate the window and helps the defroster clear the glass of frost and fog quicker.

Car Washing

You may wash your vehicle since the film is installed on the inside of the windows.

Removing Prior Film

Tint removal can be a very tedious job, especially removing tint from the rear windshield because of the defrost lines. We have a special technique that can remove the tint with no harm to the defrost lines in most cases. We do need to see the vehicle to give accurate pricing. 

Got Dot Matrix?

What is it?

Located top of rear glass. 

After Install

The dots are spaced too closely together and the film rides on the top of the dots unable to deflect into the valleys between the dots to stick to the actual glass.

When Film Cures

This will be the end result. However it varies depending on vehicle. NO tint shop has a solution for this. Don't be fooled! 

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